Training & Development

Institutional strengthening and capacity building

Darulsukun is now fairly a different organization in terms of physical infrastructure , people and operations.  As we know that Capacity building is an evidence-driven process of strengthening the abilities of individuals, organizations, and systems to perform core functions sustainably, and to continue to improve and develop over time. Darulsukun has introduced different organizational strengthening programs  in order to address the utmost need of the capacity building and awareness for the individuals who are dealing with the persons with disabilities. This in turn assists young people and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities to access and enjoy a diverse range of activities and experiences and help us to promote the rights of persons with disability as per the UNCRPD.

Trainings and awareness workshops  increase the capacity of individuals and organizations to manage and help in disability advocacy and other relevant aspects.

Basic Sign Language Course-October 2017

ATE learners program-Sign Language

ATE learners program-Accepting The Exceptional