Socially Displaced Boys (Quetta)

Commenced its operation in end 2007, Quetta center is a thoughtful initiative primarily mandated to work for the education and personality development of socially displaced and parentless boys in Balochistan. These children generally have a legacy of broken families and poor living conditions. Especially, housewives after unfortunate demise of their husbands can hardly feed their children and therefore seek to find employment or depend on other family members who already survive on meager income. The result is neglect for children’s basic and development needs. The double burden of vicious circle of poverty and neglect for the physical, mental and spiritual growth of children is root cause. It is assumed that the complexity and inferiority directly and indirectly starts in early age of children. Providing shelter with due focus on creating an environment where they discover their multiple intelligences is perceived to be a prerequisite for their development.

Quetta is a new toddler of Dar ul Sukun. We are in experimentation phase there. Therefore operations are temporary in nature. Quetta center is running in a small rented building. Despite demand for new admission, we are operating with small number of children i.e. 25 boys though small additional cost we can serve more children. Also, at some point in future, we have to think of having our own building specifically made to serve our needs. The socio-economic and political situation aggravating people’s poverty and vulnerability in Quetta and Balochistan justify our existence and offer a huge scope for activities.