Got time to share? Want to do some good in the world? We’ve got volunteering roles to suit different skill sets, time commitments and interests. Share your hobbies and the things you love doing, to change someone’s life. Or build on and use your skills in administration, gardening or campaigning. Come and help us change lives. Giving back is a great way to fulfill your community service requirement for schools/ colleges/ Universities which engages students with real life solutions to strengthen communities.

Inclusive Volunteering:

We actively encourage people with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, sensory impairments and other disabilities to join our active and diverse team of volunteers.

Volunteering opportunities

There are opportunities for educators, students and school leaders who want to develop community service activities with their school/University. You can raise funds for Dar Ul Sukun by hosting events, awareness campaigns & be a young ambassador for disability sensitization & advocacy.


Areas of work


Assist young people and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities to access and enjoy a diverse range of activities and experiences.You can have the privilege to work in following areas.

  1. Physiotherapy Department.
  2. Sports And Fitness Trainings
  3. Occupational Therapy Department.
  4. Clinic
  5. Work As A Caregiver Support Volunteer
  6. Community Relations Volunteer
  7. Fund Raising Assistants
  8. Development Volunteer
  9. Art & Crafts
  10. Photographer/Videographer
  11. Food Preparation & Service
  12. Trash Campaign-donate old clothes & household goods, old books, new stationary items & bring new or lightly used toys to donate.
  13. Music & Entertainment
  14. Share Your Musical Talents
  15. As An Office Volunteer

We provide a range of recreation activities for people with a disability and older people. Volunteers can provide support, company and individual attention during programs.



Want to know more?

To find out more about how your organisation can get involved, please contact:

Telephone:+9221-34554139 +9221-34550381 +9221-34558797

Email[email protected]






Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. We provide opportunities to corporate sectors to help the underprivileged children and adults with and without disabilities to mingle with them and support them to create a positive impact on society.

Get Involved

We are a diverse organization working for people with intellectual & physical disability across Pakistan.

  • How we will support you.

Forming a partnership with Dar Ul Sukun Will enable both you & us contribute to tangible social change. We've come along way since we began campaigning for the rights of people with a learning disability. Let's take a moment to reflect on what we've achieved together so far.

  • Workplace giving:

There are companies from whom we receive work place donations from many employees.Companies who bring the opportunity of workplace giving provides exposure to build employees morale and loyalty, while showing the community their giving back.


  • Sponsor a child as company/ individual

Companies who are passionate to bring effective change in their limited resources or with limited CSR budgets can donate in “ Sponsor a child” program as an opportunity for changing the lives one at a time.

  • Sponsor a project/event

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