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Dar ul Sukun-Lemmen’s Home

Dar ul Sukun has embraced a multifaceted strategy to serve children and people with disabilities at large. Disabilities are always varied and required a different treatment and rehabilitation.

Commonly, children and people with severe disabilities are ignored in the mainstream discussions while focus remains on physically and milder mental disabilities. Since people with severe disabilities cannot express themselves or convey their problems, they are left to live in abysmal conditions somewhere in a room, street or in a corner.

The state has responsibility to take measures for provision of comprehensive care and living to people with disabilities. Unfortunately, the poor governance mechanisms and process are not letting this happen. On top of this, the exponential population growth, poor health facilities and widespread poverty are adding more and more people with disabilities every day.

Rather than waiting for state’s usual belated response and role, Dar ul Sukun has initiated its new center for the abandoned children with severe disabilities where they are being served and rehabilitated as per their specific needs. For this, appropriate infrastructure has been put in place to provide quality care and living services.

In this connection, several activities have been designed to overcome their sufferings which are as follow.

Research and studies prove that gardening and farming are natural therapies that positively improve moods and behaviors of human being. To experiment it in the universe of Dar ul Sukun as a productive therapy for the children with disability, children are engaged in kitchen gardening activities with the assistance of a professional and experienced gardener. The experience so far suggests that children love to work in the plant beds with visible changes in their behavior observed. At the same time, the joyful efforts of children causing the production of sufficient quantity of seasonal vegetables for all the branches to the Dar ul Sukun.

Gardening And Vegetable Farming: