Disability as Diversity Grand Campaign Launch

To undertake sensitization process in the society with state and citizens, Dar ul Sukun intends to launch a campaign“Disability as Diversity”. This campaign will cover all the deprived benefits of persons with disabilities.

Campaign Goal:

Promote an inclusive, barrier-free and rights-based society for people with disabilities in Sindh.

Campaign Objectives:

(i) Launch sustained advocacy campaign for development and enforcement of a comprehensive set of laws to protect the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities in all aspects of living. This includes laws that protect the rights of persons with disabilities with regard to discrimination, education, employment, communication, infrastructure and transport, and civil rights.

(ii) To improve knowledge, attitude and practices on disability, carry out public awareness on disability myths, the needs, aspirations, and potential of persons with disabilities and reduce stigma and discrimination through trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences and public events.

(iii) Enhance the visibility of persons with disabilities through participation and involvement and organize PWDs to raise voice for their own rights at provincial and national level through rallies, walks and other public events.

(iv) Build capacities of families and communities to better facilitate PWDs including increased social interaction and integration of disabled people with wider community of the areas.

(v) Promote and strengthen self-reliance initiatives among persons with disabilities especially for women and girls through access to education and training, health and sports facilities, employment and credit, social security, public places, information and assistive devices.

Unfolding the lives

Project Goal

Providing primary need of mobility and accessibility to the children and adults with disabilities in order to get them back into the mainstream society. Decades experience of accommodating and serving pwd's for many years has given realization to Dar Ul Sukun that pwd's can be productive part of our society if mainstreams and barriers to their inclusion and participation in social life are removed. To undertake sensitization process in the society with state and citizens, Dar Ul Sukun has launched a Project.

"Provision Of Wheelchair And Assistive Devices Program."

The project design covers physical disability inflicted areas in all 24 districts of Sindh. Till now more than 480 wheelchairs and assistive devices has been distributed among the needy and most deserving Pwd's in Sindh and other parts of the country.

Sponsor a child as company/individual

Companies who are passionate to bring effective change in their limited resources or with limited CSR budgets can donate in “ Sponsor a child” program as an opportunity for changing the lives one at a time.

"Sowing a Seed of Hope in the Heart of A Precious Child"

Every child need a Sponsor to share love, likeness, affection, and attachment, he/she never experienced.

Donate Your Trash/Wastage

For the financial operation of our organization,we mostly rely on local donation and Zakat. On account of Pakistan's ever deteriorating economy and worsening law and order situation, we have experienced a gradual decline in the financial receipts. With tight budget, for last few years it has become harder to cater to the genuine, growing and recurring needs of Dar Ul Sukun's beneficiaries .

To make ends meet our organization has launching a trash collection campaign along with few other innovative fundraising initiatives. A small experience in recent past suggests that if discarded residential and office trash is systematically collected, sorted and sold for reuse, it can turn out to be miraculous resource for generating for financial and social value both for us and donors.

Our call for this donation in kind offers you an opportunity to serve people with special needs. The finances generated with your trash or unused items will enable us fight out complex social problems by carrying on our mission of serving abandoned children and Senior Citizens.

Just Call or SMS away

021-34550381, 34554139, 34558797

Mr. Tariq Samuel: 0300-2181032

Ms. Najam Leghari: 0336-0251135

Senior Citizen

021-32293248, 32293249

Donate a Diaper

Dar ul sukun drive for a diaper fills a critical and otherwise unmet need for diapers among the most vulnerable within the organization. We believe that clean diapers are a basic need for babies and their caregivers. Yet 1 in 4 children in Pakistan live in poverty and are at risk or have experienced diaper need.

As diapers form such a large part of the costs of bringing up a child ,to ameliorate this situation Dar ul sukun has kick started a drive to collect loose,opened and new packages of diapers to alleviate some of our financial stress. As inflation hits it affects our operations too and all kind of donations are needed, either in kind, monetary or in the form of diapers which are always a top request.

Financial donations to our Diaper Bank allows us to ensure each request for diapers can be filled as quickly and accurately as possible, particularly when our ware house is low on sizes that are in high demand.

"Help us from the bottom up. Donate today."

Please give generously to help keep our children and seniors healthy. You can help make a huge difference in the life of a child, parent or senior citizen by giving to Dar ul sukun’s Diaper Bank.

You can also choose to donate on a recurring monthly basis. A regular donation allows Dar ul sukun to get a reliable supply of diapers to all in need.

Protection & Rehabilitation Centre under construction

we get admission requests from all over Pakistan; on daily basis, but we are unable to cater the special needs due to lack of space, to cater this issue Dar ul Sukun is building up the Protection and Rehabilitation Centre for the Children & Persons with severe multiple disabilities.

It will be a state of the art protection and rehabilitation center for the persons with the severe disabilities. This Centre will be technologically equipped for the care and rehabilitation purposes. Centre will accommodate more than thousand persons & children with disabilities and will provide medical aid and protection to the marginalized segment of society.

The goal of Dar ul Sukun is to continue to make a difference in the life Persons with Disabilities. With the help of donations and aid from supporters and society we will continue to see improvements in cause.

"Join hands in building their home."

Your contribution will help us in building up the Centre of Children and Persons with severe multiple physical and intellectual disabilities. Little by little, a little becomes a lot.