ATE Learners Program III

“ATE Learners Program III”

19th July-8th October,2016


Persons with disabilities in Pakistan experience diehard challenges because they remain badly and widely neglected strata of the society. Although the state has ratified the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, yet barely anything tangible has been achieved by the state towards the end of ameliorating the sufferings of PWDs. Consequently, PWDs continue to be vulnerable and dependent on the families, institutions or at the mercy of social agents.



Imputing only the state for not delivering to the persons with disabilities would not be fair because there are some other stakeholders who can be held responsible directly or indirectly for the appalling condition of the people with disabilities. Regretfully, persons with disabilities often end up becoming a source of income for so called mock organizations.



To address the utmost need of the capacity building and awareness for the individuals who are dealing with the PWDs, Dar ul sukun had introduced its comprehensive training and awareness program that focuses on grooming professionals who can both properly assist people with disabilities and engage in public awareness on how to better treat PWDs.


To train and aware the people about disability and its norms.


  • To develop professional skills and knowledge about the persons with disability.
  • To reach out those who have been working with PWDs with the least resources and to train them with their existing resources.
  • Providing an accessible infrastructure to the PWDs and stakeholders to discuss the future challenges.
  • To introduce a conceptual model of disability.
  • To promote the rights of persons with disability, according to the UNCRPD.

Target Audience:

  • CBOs, DPOs and NGOs that are working for the PWDs.
  • Individual, parents and social agents.
  • Department of Social Welfare, Government of Sindh.
  • Corporate and health institutions.

Expected Outcome:

To produce skilled and professional staff for PWDs in social sector.